The Indian Hills Improvement Association is a voluntary not-for-profit association of residents whose purpose is to promote the general welfare of residents in Indian Hills. The Indian Hills Improvement Association was originally established in 1926 and was charged with the responsibility of making necessary arrangements for police, fire, and health protection for the area. It was housed in a one-room building which later was used as a school from 1923­-1949.  In the 1950s, the building was purchased and remodeled to serve as a Community Center for the residents.  Today, the IHIA owns and maintains the Community Center which is available for private as well as public meetings.  We also sponsor various events throughout the year.


  • Chili Supper
  • Community clean-up days
  • Barbecues
  • Historical evening program
  • Fourth of July activities in concert
    with Indian Hills Fire/Rescue and Christmas Dinner and Party.


Join the IHIA today!

$15 Individual  |  $25 Family  |  $50 Business  |  $250 Lifetime

IHIA Board

IHIA Board meets at 7:00 pm at the community center in Indian Hills.

2017 dates: June 6th, August 1st, October 3rd, and December 5th

2018 dates: Feb 6th, April 3rd, June 5th, August 7th, October 2nd, and December 4th